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Startup Tuesday #9-Movie Night、Coffee Time & Chat Moment;

Hi everybody, after return from the National Holidays, you must be crazy busy on catching up all the works right now. Wanna relax or take a break? Welcome to our re-change office and join us ASAP!!! This week, we will share a film named “The Social Network”,which talking about the famous social network “Facebook” ’s [...]

Startup Tuesday #8 –Donald’s review lessons of BootUp weekend competition

Next StartUp Tuesday Meeting, we will have Donald Han,a Wenchang ABC man from New York, to give us a review lessons of what he learned from the BootUp weekend competition. In the lecture,Donald Han will going to show us how a teamwork spirit can play an important role in a project? And also,he will explain [...]

Startup Tuesday – Mike Michelini’s Shenzhen China business experience last 4 years

Mike will be heading to USA next Wednesday, so this Startup Tuesday we want to have him discuss his experiences doing business in Shenzhen the past 4 years…hiring, opening a WFOE, managing, dealing with project management, and fun stories in a Chinese hospital. He has presented this to the Startups Hong Kong group. Topic / [...]

Startup 5 – reflection on bootup weekend, and guest chinese speaker!

Tonight will again be on! I keep getting calls and chats. we are trying our best to go against all odds and keep this on a weekly schedule. Tonight we’ll reflect on the last weekend bootup event! Startup formation friday night Startup team bio and photos Judges Recap of the whole event then we’ll have [...]

First BootUP! Shenzhen edition CONFIRMED this weekend, Sept 2-4

After tons of emails, phone calls, and applications, we are happy to announce the first BootUP! Shenzhen edition will take place at the SZteam coworking office this weekend, Sept 2 to Sept 4. Tonight we emailed all applicants, whether they were accepted or not. If you applied and did not receive an email from us, [...]

Volunteer / Committee Selection Day

Interested Parties can join us starting at 7:00pm to talk about the future of this endeavor and how they can take part in the community!

Shenzhen’s 1st “Startups Tuesday”

I truly believe marketing is listening to what people want, and giving them that. If you missed the event, here are the slides from tonight – Shenzhen Team – Startups Tuesday, and I’m outlining it here. Shenzhen’s 1st “Startups Tuesday” Bringing Together Shenzhen’s Startup Community!   Today’s Agenda People kept asking me what is [...]

Startup Tuesday #2 – How to “Start a Startup”

After a great turnout from the Fist Startup Tuesday in Shenzhen, we listened to people and feel there is a great desire for a support community and hub for startups….but there were quite a few people who just need some basic understanding of what is a startup, how to get involved in one, and other [...]