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7th Startup Tuesday, Market-oriented selection-Philippines Business

Thanks again to Steven for coming last night and speaking on Philippines Business. Therefrom, it construed to us what kind of environment、Opportunity and selection we have in Philippines. There close to the daily life’s describes and the useful advices about start a business are very useful to any newbies in Philippines; And also it let [...]

Startup Tuesday #7 –Steven’s Experience in Philippines Business

This week we will have Steven to share his Professional experience in Philippines Business with us. Something like outsourcing, office address, registration, hiring, managing, etc. And also he will mix in some of his Chinaexperiences and why he chose Philippinesfor IT and customer support. More details please check his website: http://www.servicedoffice.co/         [...]

Full Recap of First Shenzhen BootUP! Weekend

What a rollercoaster weekend, sitting here Monday afternoon still recovering from an exciting and exhausting weekend full of creativity and passion! We started 7pm Friday, and some coming from Hong Kong and other parts of Shenzhen arrived a bit late. Bruce and Mike went over how the weekend would roll out, with Friday night being [...]

AWESOME First Night at Shenzhen’s First Bootup!

Very exciting first Friday night here at the first StartupsCN Bootup! weekend in Shenzhen, sponsored by the SZteam coworking office. People arrived at 7pm, but of course people came late, some coming all the way from Hong Kong to Shenzhen for the first time. Bruce Levin and Mike Michelini coordinated the event, with Patrick Wong [...]

Shenzhen’s First BootUP! Weekend To Get Business Minds Flowing!

Startups Shenzhen + SZteam are doing another first for Shenzhen here at Shenzhen Team. For three days, 20 eager entrepreneurs will both learn and work on their own startups. If you are a student, designer, developer, or just enthusiastic about starting your own company, this is something to not miss. We are aiming for September [...]

Bruce Levin’s Startup Tuesday on Business Model Generation

Thanks again to Bruce Levin for coming tonight and speaking on business model generation. We had a solid 35 to 40 people showing up, again a good mix, actually a better quality mix, of Chinese and foreigner, technical and business, entrepreneur and investor. It keeps getting better and better. He is willing to share his [...]

Planning a Beach Music Party: need your advices!

Beach music party/Business Communicating/Camping   SZ Team is hosting a Startups party at the Beizaijiao (背仔角) silver beach from the 27/08/2011 to the 28/08/2011 with the topic of “Startups and business Communication”. Beizaijiao beach is a wonderful scenic area located in Xichong Longgang district near to the Meisha bay area. We hope to provide a [...]

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